I love traveling and the feeling when all the concerns from the everyday life instantaneously disappears. During my travels I always try to experience the lifestyle and breathe in the culture of the places I visit.

When I realized that there is no way of doing this in my own home town I got deeply concerned. It’s a shame that most travelers only see the touristy places in Stockholm and miss out of all the great spots where we go.

I made it to my personal mission to change this situation. I didn’t have the time to show everyone around though so an idea with an App Guide on the bike with pre-programmed tours took me closer to my goal.

I filled out the tours with my favorite places together with the top picks of other natives of Stockholm. After a lot of work I could open up my very own E-bike and E-scooter tours.

Travelers slowly started to visit and I couldn’t believe my eyes when the tours became the highest ranked activity at Tripadvisor after only one year! It feels really good that I'm able to share my passion for Stockholm. Today we have also launched Gothenburg which hopefully makes even more people able to explore the Swedish cities.

I hope to see you exploring together with us.

- Founder of Weelo